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About jxml2sql

What is jxml2sql?

jxml2sql is a Java application which converts XML documents into a variety of other data-types useful for database administration. Please see the features page for a list of what jxml2sql can do.

What are the goals of jxml2sql?

The goal of the jxml2sql project is to create a program which can parse database information in the form of an XML document and provide a variety of outputs to aid the job of being a database administrator. By using XML documents in conjunction with jxml2sql, the job of keeping multiple instances of the same database on track becomes slightly easier. While not implemented at the time of this writing, jxml2sql hopes to compensate for differences in valid SQL; what works on one vendor's database does not always work on another's.

To meet these goals, jxml2sql needs to be cross-platform compatible. It also needs to be programmed in a fashion that is scalable. The Java programming language helps us meet these goals nicely. It already runs on a number of platforms. Its object-oriented nature and packaging structure helps to organize the different parts, and allows us to create interfaces, a set of rules enforced by the compiler, to make certain types of objects all work exactly the same. This makes the job of including code from outside developers very easy, and ensures that it will work with the rest of jxml2sql.

There are a number of features for jxml2sql that are currently floating around in my head. However, I am not setting up a page devoted to them. Directly before I start work on something I will post it in jxml2sql's task page.

History of jxml2sql

The jxml2sql project (comprising of jxml2sql and libjxml2sql) was started in November of 2000 by Adam VanderHook .